Creating community around a shared

belief of equality for all

Equali Tees, LLC is a social justice driven lifestyle brand whose products are a vehicle for our message of self love and helping others. We celebrate everyone being equal, but we love and respect the fact that we're also all different. In addition to promoting that message using our all-inclusive U.M.E. logo, we connect specific products to causes that are pushed forward through strategic alliances. Since 2012, Equali Tees has worked to provide a space in the world where everyone feels at home.

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Our Values

Providing Knowledge and Education- We are forever students and want to share what we learn. 

Promoting Self-Care and Self-Empowerment- We have to take ourselves if we intend to take care of others. 

Building Community- We strive to build an inclusive community folled with love and collaboration.

Celebrating Others- As part of the human family, taking part in the celebrations of others brings us great joy.

Making Activism Easy- We take the guess work out of helping others. You support us, we do the work. 

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Founder & Lead Writer


I, Shaun Williams, promise to love the people in my life and that I encounter regardless of their choices, so long as they're not harming others. I promise to respect their individuality. I pledge to do my best to become a decent human being that loves and respects others regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, religion, height or size. Join me. Join the movement. 

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