Custom Clothing, You Ask?

You're asking for custom, we've got an answer.


Once upon a time, not long ago...Equali Tees was a customizable clothing company. Our cries of "Different, and equal" spilled forth from our lips and translated into a range of t shirts, sweaters, crop tops, tanks and onesies in every color you can imagine, sizes newborn-6XL and with the option to add names and favorite sayings on hoods and down sleeves. Our giant equal sign could be found in animal prints, glow in the dark, holographic and every color glitter and matte vinyl that you could imagine. It was lovely, but there were a couple of problems...

Pictured: To keep track of what we'd used and to showcase what we had available while in market settings, our founder created this t-shirt catalog of vinyl options.

First, great in theory, but it isn't the most cost efficient model. We would have had to price our gear at exorbitant prices in order for our custom model to have worked. We wanted to embody our mission and vision and therefore include everyone, so if a runner came to us and needed something for their next race, we found the reflective vinyl and studied racing shirts to get them something they'd like. When someone wanted 30 hoodies in different colors and sizes to give out as Christmas gifts, we made it happen. When sports fans started coming our way we found the basketball and football leather that would make them happy. In total, we ended up with over 60 kinds of vinyl, some of which would only be ordered a few times. Keeping a stock of shirts didn't make sense, everyone wanted it their way.

Pictured: From cheetah print to tutu onesies, we had it all.

Second, because we didn't have a cost efficient model, growth was impossible. There was never enough money to take anything to the next level! We constantly came out at just about even, which is better than being in debt, but no welcome sign for a company that needs to grow in order to help people.

As a small business, we had to eventually admit defeat and restructure. The option was that we could continue as we were and end up in debt OR we could find a way to continue being your favorite social justice driven lifestyle brand. We decided to start small and add on as we could. We picked the two shirts that started it all and one of our charitable tees, The Root, and got comfortable with the idea of only having 3 products. We raised the funds to get the shirts and ended up having to compromise on the range of sizes in order to get a deal that we could afford (we will be adding bigger and smaller sizes soon!). We raised the funds for a website and got that up and running. The people came and they spoke. Where. The hell. Is the custom?

Pictured: The top row features our founder, Shaun Williams, wearing the original incarnations of our new line. (Bottom row models from left to right: Jenn Lee Superstar, Jeri Guilford and Mark Berger)

Well, if you've read this far you now know why the custom isn't working for us at the moment. We want it back and will do so when we're able to make it make sense! In the meantime, we've taken on the challenge of keeping our community happy. Due to an awesome relationship with our printing company (Shout out to Fleurish Printing in New Orleans' 9th Ward!), we'll be bringing you limited quantities of things that you've been asking for. Check out this mock up of our first item in this line and be ready to see the real deal up on the site in early May!

What do you want to see us carry?

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