Let's #GrowUpGlowUpBlowUp in 2021

Happy New Year, family! I hope that it has been good to you so far.

Let's get straight to the point. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired for the LAST time? 2020 was wild, but I managed to set myself up a little bit. Equali Tees was able to pivot many times and keep up with the waves. I was hanging tough in the beginning, selling my wares and teaching online yoga and then that fell apart for me. It was tough, but lessons were learned and that's progress. DEFINITELY bringing that energy into 2021 which is why I'm here today.

Life is short and I'm not getting any younger. WE are not getting any younger, no matter how "young" you actually are. With society in its current state, if ever there was a time to slay, it's now, and that's why I'm changing the blogs direction. Introducing: GrowUpGlowUpBlowUp, the newest incarnation of the Equali Tees blog designed to explore doing all of those things in a way that's personally successful.

Pictured: Do you want to come along for the Grow Up, Glow Up, Blow Up journey?

My New Years resolution was to give more than I receive. #DasIt. Originally, I had decided to go on this journey alone. When I realized how much it tied in with the company mission, self-care and being a normal human being that doesn't have all of the answers, I decided that this would be something that others may be interested in. I hope that you are. As individuals on our own unique paths, we must take care of our mind, body and soul so that we're good for ourselves and the world. Why wouldn't you want to take care of yourself and live to your fullest potential? If you're content, that's fine, but for the people that strive for even a little bit better, join in.

So exactly what will be going on and what does this all mean? To put it simply, I want to be the best version of me so that I can in turn give you the biggest, most full vision that I have for Equali Tees. Here's a brief summary:

Grow Up- Getting our minds right, learning and avoiding distractions.

By growing up I mean it's time to get serious about taking care of my mind. This part is hella important, ya'll. There isn't much that you can control in life outside of yourself, so being in control of your actions and reactions can help guide you through a much smoother existence.

I intend to incorporate my yoga teachings into the company because it just makes sense!

Yoga is, in part, about the union of the internal and external worlds and the union between the breath and the body. Yoga really helps me focus and navigate distractions. Trust. I still get stuck in the IG scroll, but I'm genuinely working on it.

Next up, Reading the Fundamental. It is soooo important to read every day when you're on a path of growth. When you're reading and taking ideas in you're fueling the mind and giving it food to produce new ideas.

Taking classes is the easiest way to step your game up x100. With all of the online courses out there right now, some heavily discounted, we should be taking advantage of learning as much as we can. During quarantine I did a Capital Ready program to work on my finances, I took a Yin Yoga training and I also became a certified breath coach. I plan to take it a step further this year.

Lastly, I plan to work on forgiveness and getting past any drama. I have been working on my relationship with my father. I am working on fixing my face when I'm around people I don't like. I'm exploring my reasons for why I don't like people. I am working on ME ya'll! Please come along for the ride!

Glow Up- Getting our physical self in order or at the very least getting our minds in order so we're not so self conscious

Ya'll already know how serious I am about self care. I love skin care, especially masks, and I've dabbled in enough vegan and vegetarian challenges to have a much healthier outlook on food than I did a couple of years ago. I will share more of that in addition to my exercise and hair care journeys (I recently discovered putting raw honey in your hair and HONEY!) Lastly, I plan to travel and enjoy it. Covid is going to keep me still for a bit, but I will most certainly be looking and making plans for the future.

Pictured: A few of the homemade masks that I've tried over the past couple of months

Blow up- get to that schmoney or whatever your definition of success is.

It's time ya'll. Your girl is 35. I made a promise to myself, just before my 35th birthday, that I would "live with intention, be the whole problem and the only solution". I plan to keep that promise. I will learn how to make my money work. I will learn about stocks and different curriencies and markets and I will invest and I will fail sometimes, but I will also win. I don't want to be rich though. I'm looking to be wealthy and that incorporates my family ties, friendships, and my freedom. I am doing all that I can to maintain my freedom. Speaking of the latter, I love being able to work on Equali Tees and Flow of Creativity. I want this for life!

Pictured: Jeri and I just became members at Hope Credit Union. We also opened Christmas Club and Savings accounts there and are really excited about the money journey ahead of us.

From here on out, most of my posts will fall under these 3 categories. I am so excited because I'm committed to the mission. It would be dope if I had some of ya'll ready to get to it right by my side 💕.

Are you a yogi? What kinds of books do you read and what are your favorites? Planning to take any classes this year? What are you looking to let go of? What is your self care routine? Are you a travel junkie? What are your food habits? Which form of exercise do you prefer?

I have SO many questions! Who's coming for the ride?



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