Meet UME, our new logo!

Meet our logo, UME (pronounced yoo-me), or the Universal Mark of Everything! We wanted to create something that everyone could identify with. We brainstormed about all of the inequalities in the world and some of the things that we wanted to work on and realized that we were looking for some sort of symbol. We started thinking about the symbols that represented some of the ideas that we’d brainstormed and sent them along to our graphic designer. What we ended up with was a visual representation of us as a company, our dear UME, who includes:

*The Chinese Yen for money in general, financial equity and knowledge, wage gap, etc

*The gender symbols, representing the spectrum of gender identities and sexualities

*The equal sign which is universally recognizable and applicable to us all

*The sun for enlightenment and education

*The symbol is traditionally black and white representing all colors, the absence of color and anything in between.

*The wording of our name has different fonts to represent the uniqueness of us all!

What part of the symbol and fight for equality do you identify with most?

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