#SelfCareSunday: Aloe masks and New products!

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Sunday is my absolute favorite day. It really does have a different vibe from the others. I always use Sundays as my self care day and masks are always on the agenda. I have oily, acne prone skin and have to take consistent care of it to avoid it going nuts. Aloe is one of my best friends. Click this link to see a bunch of super easy recipes that I use fairly often. I actually have the aloe and tomato one in my fridge right now!

Pictured: Aloe is a natural wonder for skin with benefits including lightening blemishes, moisturizing (important even for oily skin!) and helping to prevent wrinkles

Depending on where I am in space, a typical Sunday could see me binging Netflix, doing a full deep clean of my house, going to lunch with a friend or working on product development for Equali Tees all day. So long as it's something that I am going to thoroughly enjoy doing, it's on the table.

Over the past month you may have noticed that Equali Tees has introduced a few self-care products to the roster. It all started with clothing, but the intention was always to branch off into other areas because I realized pretty early that this was going to turn into a lifestyle brand. Realizing that our customers are the type of people out here saving the world, self care was a natural progression. Our new products were handmade by artisan soapmaker Gabrielle Oakley of Stella and Throne Soapery. They all smell great and work even better. One of my customers couldn't stop smelling her hands after using our Wealthy Sugar Scrub and Creamy Smooth Body Butter!

Pictured: The Root Nefertiti Soap, Wealthy Creamy Smooth Body Butter and The Root Ankh soap

Outside of #SelfCareSunday, I am still over here reeling from the amount of hoodies that we've sold since Black Friday. I am so appreciative of the support! The sales will continue through Cyber Monday, so if you want to get ready for sweater weather and join the family for 40% off, check out our toddler, youth and adult hoodies before it's too late! Use Code "Shop Small" for your ticket to looking good on the low.

To get back to the subject, how do you spend your Sundays? Do you have a day or time dedicated to taking care of your mind, body, spirit and soul? Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to hear about your tips and tricks to keep yourself going :)



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