#SelfCareSunday: A commitment to self, (vegan) Ice Cream and EQUALI TEA!

I am unapologetic about how I take my Sundays off. I do not allow myself to feel bad for choosing to put me first on that one day. I am very flexible about giving a little time where it's needed, but I do not allow anyone to rain on my lil parade. Sundays are for ME! Juggling life around so that you have some time to yourself can be difficult, but it's so worth it.

Of course, all of our lives are different, so if yours keeps the dream of a full day of self care at bay, perhaps you can configure a day where you have a few hours during the day or evening free. If that doesn't work then perhaps you can create a day where you lump all of the tasks in that you don't mind as much. Putting more enjoyable obligations together will give you a little break in your week to look forward to. Let me know if you have trouble figuring out a self care routine! Maybe we can work something out together!

Last Sunday, like most others, was no exception to my rule. I spent some time researching random stuff which is just about my favorite thing to do. Seriously, people in my family hit me up to look up all types of things for them. I worked on Equali Tees packaging and social media. I also ate a lot of vegan ice cream. I'm lactose intolerant and also generally find products made with cows milk to be gross (no offense! lol). Once upon a time vegan ice cream literally tasted like shaved ice, but honey, 2020's vegan ice creams are not your mothers. Here are pics of the two pints I killt:

Pictured: Iced cream (#SimpsonsReference) selection picked up from my local Whole Foods.

This was my first time having Nada Moo and I must admit that it was pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised by the texture, the sprinkles and the magical pockets of raspberry syrup that popped up out of nowhere. I swear I'd eaten a quarter of the pint before I realized that gooey goodness was there lol.

Let me tell you about this almondmilk berry chantilly cake, though. I bought that baby on a whim a month or two ago and it has easily become both Jeri and I's favorite thing to have in the freezer after Beyond Burgers (a whole nother post for a whole nother day. we are not vegan, btw). It's honestly just delicious. You have to taste it for yourself to understand. Jeri is pretty certain that he's found his favorite ice cream of all time, but I'm sticking to my mint chocolate chip.

Pictured: Nothing compares to you, baybay <3

To get into Equali Tees news though, introducing Equali Tea! Tea is something that has been suggested almost since our inception and we're so happy to finally be able to bring it to you. We've admired Ms Cree of Herb N Balance for some time now, and when somone recently suggested the tea again, we hit up our fellow business woman to see what she could whip up! Cree's Instagram pages are a wealth of information and one look at her hair and skin and you just know this is a woman that knows what she's talking about. See for yourself:

Pictured: Cree Simpson, of Herb N Balance (who is glowing for the Gods) created the Equali Tea blend and we're stoked!

Equali Tea is a blend of dill, German chamomile and lime blossom. We wanted something that would be relaxing and soothing and Cree surely came through for us! The combination of herbs is a mild sedative, comforts digestive problems and is an anti inflammatory amongst other amazing benefits.

Pictured: Equali Tea, the newest addition to Equali Tees self-care line comes in 3 sizes; the single bag sample, 3 bags or 6 bags.

Our self-care line is inspired by the Audre Lorde quote, "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self preservation and that is an act of political warfare". Taking care of yourself is preparation for the life to come and essential to refueling you for the daily grind. We're out here fighting to change the world and that includes a replenishing shower or a good cup of tea sometimes.

I hope that you enjoy your Sunday as much as I plan to enjoy mine!



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