#SelfCareSunday: Foodie edition

Every Sunday, I wash clothes. Well actually everything in the house gets washed. From dog beds to bathroom rugs to cleaning rags, Sunday is my day to reset the entire house. Taking care of your home is most certainly self care and self love in my opinion. I start my clean up as soon as I wake up so that I can make sure it gets done. I'm not one to lay around in bed even if I have "nothing" to do and I grew up believing that taking care of your home is imperitive to having a peace of mind, so as much as some people flinch at the idea of getting up and going straight into cleaning mode it is genuinely a delight for me. I was very lucky that after all my hard work I had a yummy adventure awaiting me!

Lu is one of my favorite people in the world. We love each other dearly and connect over delicious healthy food, shit that no one else thinks is funny but us, pretty clothes and finding the silver linings in the dumb stuff that world leaders do.

Pictured: Lu and I at an Equali Tees photo shoot back in 2017

One of our favorite things to do is eat together. Lu is a pescatarian and I eat everything, so it works out well. We usually pick a vegan place to hit up. Last week after starting my cleaning, Lu wanted to go grab a bite from a spot we'd been eyeing for some time. Beacuse it's Lu, I stopped my cleaning and decided to go be social. Indigo Soul Cuisine's Instagram page caught Lu's eye and she'd sent their menu to me:

Pictured: Indigo Soul Cuisine had me ready to eat their entire menu

Needless to say, I was in AF. We arrived excited to sit outside and dine, but then it started raining on our faces so they delivered our food to the car and we went to Lu's house. What a delight! We decided to share everything because really, is there another way to try a new place? We ended up with the braised bbq oysters and grits, Indi's smoked patty, honey mustard mushroom wings and the creole reds. I really wish that we weren't so greedy and that I had pics of everything, but we stuffed face the second we got inside and I had to steal this pic from Indigo's Instagram feed:

Pictured: Indi's Smoked Patty from Indigo Soul Cuisine needed hot sauce (everything needs hot sauce), but all of our food was amazing!

Indigo Soul changes their menu often and it was actually the last week for the menu that we had, so I'm excited to go back and try their new stuff! Check them out if you're in NOLA or just swing by their Instagram page (@indig0soul) to show some love. Tell them Equali Tees sent you!

Lu had to go to work, which she didn't tell me before picking me up *shakes fist*, so our time together was shortened by capitalism and I went home to finish cleaning and hang out with Jeri. We'd had an oyster and wine date planned for the evening, but upon getting in the car niether of us wanted to go all the way to the oyster place that we had in mind LOL! We decided to keep it super local and just went up the street to a new spot whose line is almost always down the block. We were not disappointed:

Pictured: The Forty Orty from Dee's Xquisite Seafood was BOMB!

I don't know what kind of crack they put in the sauce that they pour on their seafood, but I'm about that junkie life in cases like this. The Forty Orty came with 2 clusters of crab claws, a ton of shrimp, bout 6 potatoes, 3 big cuts of sausage, 4 ears of corn and a sprinkle of heaven. I was already making plans to hit them up again before I was done eating, but then I went on their IG page and found this post...

Pictured: The men behind Xquisite Seafood and a caption from the owner explaining their relevance to each other. Love!

Oh yes, good food, a mission AND black owned? Yup, sounds just about up my alley. The warmth that poured from that post as I read it could be scooped up with a spoon. How beautiful it must be to work for someone with such heart and passion. Needless to say, Jeri and I will be going back over there in the near future.

My food adventures for the day didn't end there! Right before heading to Dee's Xquisite Seafood, Jeri and I went by the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for home made pizza. When we got home and laid up to watch our customary 20 episodes of Simpsons's Jeri promptly fell asleep. Not one to give up on food because I'm alone, I took it upon myself to make both of our pizzas and eat them LOL!

Pictured: A white pie with grilled chicken, onion and green onion and a red sauce and shrimp pizza loaded with veggies. Which one do you think is mine and which one do you think WAS Jeri's?

It's funny because I'm a morning person and usually knock out way before Jeri. I always think about what happens if I choose not to do something, and I just couldn't give up on having a proper food filled Sunday. Food is love where I come from and there was no shortage of affection for me last Sunday. What's your relationship with food? Are you adventurous? Do you generally stick to what you know? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, love yourself and each other and don't forget to eat good :)



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