Stella and Throne Collaboration Pics :)

I keep saying this and if you visit this blog enough I'm certain that you're tired of hearing it, but we have a lot in store! The difference between this post and all of the others is that I actually have something to show you this time. Don't laugh at me, I'm trying.

We've been teasing our collaboration with Stella and Throne Soapery for some time now, but here are pics of the progress! You saw it here first 😉

Pretty right?! Now, what do these all mean? That much you'll have to wait to find out. I know, I're over it. Please know that it is amazingness and we intend to change lives with these products. Do you have any guesses about what we could be up to? It's quite a bit more than skin deep, so please, stay tuned for what we have in store!

In addition to our first venture outside of clothing and accessories...and going back into clothing and accessories, get ready for infant and youth sizes to make a comeback! We've been brainstorming and we finally have an idea that will make it all work out. Get ready for onesies, tees and hoodies in sizes newborn to 6T in the VERY near future.

I can't wait to grow even more with ya'll!



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