Sweater Weather!

We have been working hard to bring you new goods for the fall and winter! We're listening to what you're asking for and we have a lot in store in the coming months that I, Shaun, can't wait to share with ya'll! Our infamous yellow crop top sold out in a month, so we're one upping that with this semi cropped, cut out sweater perfect for between the seasons!

The hoodies come in black and mauve and here's the secret that only folks reading this blog will know...you can pre order them right now and get 25% off your entire order* using the promo code "2013"! Once we get the sweaters in hand at the end of this week, the sale for it will be over but will continue for our other products. Check out our motto on the elbow detail. We're in love!

(*excluding The Root merchandise)

I can't wait to share some more details about what we've been up to later this week. Check back soon!



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