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Happy Friday, beautiful people! It's been too long...yada, yada, yada. Let's stop apologizing for not being able to show up 100% and perfect every day in every way, ok?

But for reals, I haven't posted since January. I can blame procrastination, other people, self-sabotage, imposter syndrome and sooooo many other things, but I'm grown now and guess what? I blame myself 🤷‍♀️.

Pictured: Words to live by

The reality of the situation is that you are responsible for you. Period. Perhaps those excuses are valid...what are you going to do about them? Over the past few months I have looked at this blog several times and told myself that I was going to commit to posting. I would say "Every Wednesday" or "Tomorrow, for real for real and without a doubt first thing in the morning I got this!"...and then...well you see my last post is from January 27th (hard eye roll). I have forgiven myself, hopefully you can get past my indescretions as well. lol.

Anywho, enough pulling myself apart as I try to pull it all together, I'm here because Equali Tees has some new goodies and I want to share! First up, the OG!

Pictured: The OG3 is here!

I've decided that every year I'll do a new version of our original t-shirt, which I lovingly call the OG. Last year we released the OG Revisited and I think I've settled on the OG(insert number) for at least the next 3 tees. The tee is available in both women and men fits on the site now for only $25! The photos above are stock pics, but here I am looking extra serious in my new tee:

Next up, tote bags and koozies!

We've done clothing and we've done self-care, but I officially feel like we're a lifestyle brand with these lifestyle items. Our two newest products were born from my want and need to dedicate something to my hometown of Boston, MA, and my adopted home of New Orleans, LA. The Boston Shopper is an homage to the plastic bag ban that Massachusetts enacted in recent years. It was such a proud moment for me! I feel like many Equalians are here for environmental protection, so hopefully you'll get into this new bag life and grab you a shopper for your next trip to the good ol Stop & Shop!

Pictured: Shaun in her OG3

Pictured: The Boston Shopper, in all its glory, comes in yellow, lavendar and red

Pictured: The NOLA Koozie comes in 6 colors so that you can pick your favorite and never lose your drink again!

Last, but certainly not least, the Glitter Rainbow Tee is back! Someone used to make these shirts for me, then I started making them by myself. It was a frustrating process, so keep it on the market but not get overwhelmed I made it so that the only way to get one was by knowing my friends' dad. I know. Don't choke laughing too hard.

Not only have I missed seeing it around, but I have also become a much better crafter over the years so it has become a little easier for me to make. They're back! Black and white, XS to 5XL in all their glory on the site now!

Pictured: At your request, the Glitter Rainbow Tee is now available on the site in both black and white and up to size 5XL!

I truly hope that you like the new stuff. Please let me know what you would like to see from us in the future! I would say see you soon here, but you already know the deal.



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