#MoneyMonday: What's your Money Mentality?

It's #MoneyMonday at Equali Tees and I have to admit that it's one of my favorite days of the week. Since I adopted a wealth mindset I have been aaallllll about finding the people and tools that can help me grow on this journey. I'm sure that a lot of us have heard the term, "Money is the root of all evil", and I'm here to declare that we should all officially erase that saying from our vocabulary. We shared a post from a fellow entrepreneur on our social media channels this morning that said, "Money is the root of freedom and comfort"...did the hairs on your arms stand up, too? Let's switch that conversation with yourself up! If you're into the whole wealth thing you may have heard people say that money isn't the root of all evil, it just amplifies what a person already is. Basically if a person was trash before they had money they're going to be a whole landfill when they get a little cash and if a person was kind and giving before having money, the people around them and that encounter them can expect a lot more kindness and Oprah-ness. I believe that, do you? It most certainly helps to consider that idea when thinking about why you think money is evil in the first place.

Let's get into this money mentality though, because that's what we're here for. Our U.M.E. logo is comprised of many different symbols and one of them is the yen:

Pictured: Though the cross bar is a little lower in our logo, the bottom of U.M.E. is partially comprised of the symbol for the Yen which stands for financial equity and shared financial knowledge.

I knew that finance would be a part of Equali Tees' future, so I incorporated it early. Changing my #MoneyMindset has been integral to both my personal and business life. I was in a "there's never enough" headspace, but I've been very fortunate to be able to change that to "I live a life of abundance". The way that you tal to yourself about money the life that you want will reflect in what you get. Let's take a look at this graphic...

Was anyone else once living on the wrong side of the bar? Are you currently still there? If so, I hope that you won't be there for long since you've found your way here! Ready for me to pick myself apart in the hopes that you'll see that you're not alone? GOOD!

I was going to pick and choose which things on this list that I wanted to go into a lil detail about, but there are 13 items on this list and my favorite number is 13, so I take that as a sign. Besides, it's #MoneyMonday. Let's lay it all out on the table in the name of growth. Here we go:

  1. Success is unimportant vs Success is an obligation

TUH! I was most certainly in a place where I saw success and money as inherently bad things before I realized that success is in the eye of the beholder and money is a tool. My idea of success was essentially Beyonce and I was all, "Ion need all that". Now I realize that if I make a sales goal over the weekend, I am a success. Everytime I do an interview or attend an event where I can speak about Equali Tees, I am a success. Hell, waking up in the morning is a successful day! The current version of Shaun sees success as a part of her life and destiny.

2. Blames others vs Is responsible

Anyone else here never wrong? Sheesh. I could go on for days about this one and how much it use to limit me. Taking responsibility for your life, even the things completely out of your control is a life changing endeavor. Wasting time finding all of the faults with people does nothing but make you mad. There's still work to be done, right? At the end of the day, life is going to happen in all of its many forms and you're responsible for how you act at any given time. The end.

3. Spends money vs invests money

I am admittedly still not the best at this. I save, I have small investments, but I know for a fact that I could be doing a lot better. For one, I like to eat way too much and I spend pretty much all of my disposable income at restaurants. I could not do that so much. I also have 50 million subscriptions, 49.99 million of which I'm sure I don't need. I most certainly need to be smarter about simple things like that that drain your account a little bit at a time, but I bet if I add those number up I would be shocked and appalled. And probably stressed.

4. Refuses to study vs Reads and studies

This has never been a problem of mine. I love researching and reading. Fun fact: I went to school for Politics and Public Policy and was considering becoming a PhD candidate for my schools Public Policy program, but after my initial interview decided that it wouldn't be a great fit. Like I'm a nerd and all, but damn LOL!

5. Attention on the past vs Attention on the future

How can you get to the future if you're stuck in the past! I don't know what it is and who needs to hear this, but let it go! Paying too much attention to past problems and limitations will not help you grow. In fact, paying too much attention to your past will have you stuck there. This is something that I remind myself of everyday. As a yogi, my personal goal is to find still waters in my mind. Living in the past will have you in a state of constant turmoil. Once you start focusing on the future doors will open and opportunities will present themselves. Try it out if you don't believe me.

6. Income driven vs Net worth driven

I didn't even know the difference between these two things until I was a full adult and there's nothing wrong with that. You only know what you know! For the vast majority of us, having an income will not get you to wealth. We've got to think bigger! Don't focus on what's coming into your account weekly, focus on what you want to see in your bank accounts and the assets that you can accumulate outside of liquid money. I can almost guarantee that you'll find some places where you can make MAJOR changes that will help you reach your goals.

7. Thinks small vs Thinks big

This is the second one on the list that I don't really have a problem with. I am a dreamer, honey, and I have been since I was a very young child. I have always had visions of grandeur when it came to the life I felt I deserved and the things that I can accomplish. I am very fortunate to have been born into a family of strong women that never really told me no and as a result I consider myself limitless. However, you get what you work for and if you're not putting in the work you will inevitably get small results no matter how big your dream is.

8. Fears change vs Embraces change

I have lived a roller coaster of a life and change came often, especially when I was a child. As a result, I'm pretty good at rolling with the punches, but I will admit that becoming stable and wanting to stay that way in my adult life has caused some issues when it has come time for me to realize that I need to move on. I have stayed in way too many jobs that I really didn't like because I felt like I had to. I may have wasted some time there, but that's all water under the bridge at this point. The only way to guarantee failure is to never try! Don't be afraid to make moves!

9. Criticizes vs Compliments

Oh boy. I'll get go with the first thing that popped into my head. The best example that I can use here is the Kardashians. For the longest time I just considered them money hungry culture vultures that would do anything for a dollar. I can now say that I fully respect every single one of them and all of their hustles. You get to a point where you recognize that all things are relative and that people are generally doing the best that they can with whatever tools that they have. While I will always side eye a boxer braid, I can say that those ladies are businesswomen to a fault and I can't hate on that. Find the silver linings and give props when they're due! Housing negativity in your heart does no one any good, especially not you.

10 . Wastes time vs Buys time

Ok, this is the third item on the list that I don't have an issue with. I have ALWAYS been a person that paid for convenience and I have no problem asking for help. Staying in my lane is one of my favorite things to do. I dibble and dabble in all sorts of things because I like to know stuff, but for the most part I believe in the saying, "There's a person for that". Maybe you have a friend or family member that wouldn't mind helping out. Perhaps you can go on social media or Craigslist and find someone trying to build a portfolio for whatever it is that you need. I take the Uber if I need more time on either end to make sure everything is in great order. I order the food (I know, I just talked about the fact that I need to stop doing that, but it's relevant here) if I know it's going to be a long night and stopping to make dinner will be overwhelming. When I needed a somewhat complicated new page added to my website I got someone to do it for me instead of sitting for hours and doing the research and editing and doing it myself. I could most certainly have gotten it done, but Equali Tees had the money for it and I wouldn't have been able to work on the things that need to be done that I'm actually good at. Sure I could have saved a few bucks, but expense in time would have far outweighed the less than $100 it took to have someone else do it for me. Choose your battles wisely!

11. Causes problems vs Solves problems

My stubborness causes me all sorts of issues, but it's something that I'm working on. I am not a problematic person in general, but I do know that I cause people to look at me sideways sometimes when my fire comes through. I'm pretty opinionated and an artist that is sensitive about her ish, so this is where I'm gentle with myself. There are no right or wrong answers. The only thing left is to get the job done regardless. Outside of that, I am most certainly a solution based human. There is no use being stressed over the issue. Find an answer!

12. Single Flow of Income vs Multiple flows of income

This is the one. The chance of you getting wealthy off of a single stream of income nowadays is slim to none. Your money needs to be working for you while you're sleeping. Having multiple flows of income doesn't necessarily mean you need a day job, a night job and to be providing services in between. Setting up your e-commerce and social media to bring in income without you being there works if you sell products. If you're services based, how else might your skills be used to your advantage? If you have a 9 to 5, might there also be something that you're good at that you can use to make extra money in your spare time? A simple Google search for "side hustles" or "streams of income" should turn up a ton of options. Living a life with multiple streams of income isn't easy, but it will surely be worth it!

13. Work driven vs Goal driven

If you're chasing work you'll be working yourself to the bone. What are your objectives? If you have clear goals it will make it very easy to see what's working for you and what isn't. Let's say you want to save $10,000 next year, but you make $18/hr and have rent, utilities, student loans, childcare and life to take on. By laying out that goal, determining what you make monthly and creating a budget, you would be able to see where there might be wiggle room or realize that you need to learn how to make your money work for you in order to reach your goal. If you're going to work just to go to work life can get pretty drab. If you have something to look forward to accomplishing, even the most menial and annoying tasks could become a joyous part of your day when you realize that you're reaching your dreams.

Can you tell the huge differences that will occur in your life if you make the switch from Column A to Column B? We are all works in progress, so be kind to yourself!

To wrap it all up, check out this video from The Dave Ramsey Show that will talk you through getting your finances in order in less than 5 minutes. I highly suggest going down the rabbit hole with their videos if you're serious about getting it all together. They're so informative!

Pictured: Dave Ramsey and the crew tell it like it is and will help you turn your financial frown upside down.

Did you learn something important or brand new in this post? Do you have some #MoneyMindset magic that you can share with us? Leave your comments below!

Til next time <3



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