One of our signature shirts is now available in glitter! Black t-shirt with sparkly red and green equal sign mimicking the colors of the Pan African flag 

Glitter The Root Unisex Fit T Shirt

Flower Pin
  • More on The Root- Part of our mission is to find unique ways to combat the inequalities that a lot of us face every day. As an African American woman, our founder believes that part of her struggle as a black woman in America stems from being disconnected from her roots. Knowing that there are others that have the same idea, she conceived of a program that provided DNA tests to African Americans, helping them to understand their specific history before slavery, and then aided them in getting to the Motherland to make that connection more concrete. Right now this t-shirt will help us pay the bills long enough to bring the pieces together. In the future, there will be funding and partnerships in place that make this idea a reality. Dream Big!

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